Steps to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The online Christmas sales extravaganza is nearer than you might suspect. In only a little while, a huge number of online customers will arrange to locate the most ideal arrangements and get a head begin on their vacation shopping.

Is it true that you are set up for the surge? If not, continue perusing – now’s the ideal time to begin arranging your computerized promoting system ahead of time of November 27th. Here are five stages you can take at this moment to ensure that when Cyber Monday comes around, you can use the consideration into a lot of online deals.

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  1. Optimize Your Website’s SEO

    Surveys continually underline that search engine optimization remains the top inbound-related priority for most digital marketers. And of course, search engines like Google and Bing are also where most online shoppers start their research into online shopping. If you haven’t already, make optimizing your website (or at least a subsection of it) for Cyber Monday-related keywords your top priority.  There are a number of steps you can take to get your website and its offers in front of your audience, and maximize your chances for conversions when the big day comes.

  2. Gate Your Offers

    Are you looking to connect your Cyber Monday strategy to a larger, inbound marketing-focused strategy? If so, it may make sense to leverage your individual offers and discounts through landing pages.

    In other words, gate individual offers behind a landing page. Offer easy sign-ups, requiring little more than name and email address, to receive discount coupons and overviews. If the offers are good enough, you’ll see an influx of new leads while growing your email list. And as an added bonus, you can optimize your landing page for SEO and further enhance step 2 mentioned above.

  3. Create Specialized Email Lists

    Email can be leveraged just as easily as landing pages to enhance your marketing efforts ahead of November 27th. For example, you can use your email to create ‘virtual’ waiting lines, promising to send a message as soon as your deals are available.

    Using this technique, you can both encourage lead sign-ups and reward your most loyal customers. For instance, you can promise to send an “early access” email with exclusive deals to your customers first, encouraging sales before the big day to get this added benefit.

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  4. Build Your Follow-Up Plan

    Finally, don’t stop your efforts at conversion. Especially if you convert new leads as a result of your event-specific offers, use effective nurturing emails to broaden their horizons about your regular products and services available that might not be part of the offer.

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