James Damore’s Complaint to Google

Google didn’t disregard work laws by terminating engineer James Damore for a notice censuring the organization’s assorted variety program, as indicated by an as of late uncovered letter from the US National Labor Relations Board. The softly redacted explanation is composed by Jayme Sophir, relate general direction of the NLRB’s division of guidance; it dates to January, however was discharged yesterday, as indicated by Law.com. Sophir infers that while a few sections of Damore’s notice were lawfully ensured by working environment directions, “the announcements with respect to natural contrasts between the genders were so unsafe, biased, and problematic as to be unprotected.”

Damore recorded a NLRB protest in August of 2017, in the wake of being let go for inside coursing an update restricting Google’s assorted variety endeavors. Sophir prescribes expelling the case; Bloomberg reports that Damore pulled back it in January, and that his legal counselor says he’s concentrating on a different claim affirming oppression traditionalist white men at Google. NLRB records express that its case was shut on January nineteenth.

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Damore’s memo, titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,” contended that Google’s diversity efforts were misplaced because they ignored women’s biologically driven disinterest in technology. It includes many claims, which have previously been dissected in detail online. But Sophir focuses specifically on Damore’s “statements about immutable traits linked to sex — such as women’s heightened neuroticism and men’s prevalence at the top of the IQ distribution.” These statements were “discriminatory and constituted sexual harassment, notwithstanding [Damore’s] effort to cloak [his] comments with ‘scientific’ references and analysis,” she writes. Moreover, she says Google “carefully tailored” its reasons for firing Damore, limiting them to unprotected portions of the memo.

Some legal experts suggested that Damore might have a solid legal complaint, if he could argue that he was discussing working conditions. But that apparently wasn’t a strong enough case for the NLRB — and Damore will be making an arguably tougher one in claiming that Google is systematically biased against white men.

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