Google and LG Will Show Extremely High VR Display in May

Google and LG are set to introduce a 18-megapixel 4.3-inch OLED headset show with 1443 ppi and a higher revive rate of 120Hz amid the Display Week 2018 public exhibition in late May. The show will have a wide field of view and high sharpness. The propelled program for the expo was spotted by Android Police by means of OLED-Info.

Those specs improve the prospective headset than a large portion of what’s available. Screens like the new HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Rift just gloat add up to resolutions of 2880 x 1600 and 2160 x 1200, individually.

While the propelled program doesn’t uncover the board’s determination, we can conjecture in view of the pixel thickness and size that the screen’s determination could be inside the 5500 x 3000 territory.

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The subsequent stage for virtual reality could be headsets with pixel-thick shows, which could take care of issues like when the limits between pixels are obvious or when corner to corner lines look harsh and sharp. It’s as yet vague if Google and LG will have the capacity to convey such an amazingly high-determination VR show in a purchaser headset this year.

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