Fitbit Highlights Versatility in New $200 Smartwatch

Fitbit on Tuesday added another smartwatch to its wearables line with a sticker price of US$199.95. The Fitbit Versa, which will achieve worldwide retail outlets in one month from now, will be the lightest metal smartwatch in the U.S. advertise. It incorporates another dashboard that improves the way wellbeing and wellness information is gotten to on the gadget. Versa mixes health and fitness programs, such as 24/7 heart rate tracking, onscreen workouts and automatic sleep-stage tracking, with smart features like quick replies on Android and on-device music.

Although the Versa’s operating system is Fitbit’s proprietary OS 2.0, the smartwatch can connect to an Android phone via an app. That sets it apart from the Apple Watch, noted Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research.

“That’s a good move when the Android Wear platform for smartwatches has some uncertainty surrounding it moving forward,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Versa’s introduction seems to become a good move by Fitbit, especially because of the tepid response through the sell to its Ionic smartwatch this past year.

“The Fitbit Versa appears to become a far better offering compared to Fitbit Ionic and can likely help the organization to go in further in to the smartwatch market,”

“It will help them be well referred to as a smartwatch provider, and also to develop more devices later on with various features and costs,” Lawrence stated.

Fitbit continues to be moving properly and with confidence inside a direction where there’s still lots of growth potential by sticking with its DNA,

“Fitbit is remaining faithful to the DNA by concentrating on physical fitness, and never trying to become a Swiss Army Knife of smartwatches that make an effort to try everything,” Llamas remarked.

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It’s been reported that Google intends to re-brand Android Wear as Wear OS. Although Google hasn’t commented on the rumor, it’s been suggested the company may want to distance Wear from Android, because Wear runs on more than Android devices.

Even though the Versa’s operating-system is Fitbit’s proprietary OS 2., the smartwatch can connect with an Android phone with an application.

“This is a good move once the Android Put on platform for smartwatches has some uncertainty surrounding it continuing to move forward,” It has been reported that Google intends to re-brand Android Put on as Put on OS. Although Google has not commented around the rumor, it has been recommended the organization might want to distance Put on from Android, because Put on operates on greater than Android devices.


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